Wax on Apple

Apple a day keeps doctor away, all like this fruit because of its rich vitamins and taste. Apple is known for its color. Lot of lyricist penned about this fruit in Tamil movies (Apple penne nee yaaro). Why I'm writing all this ... lemme come to the point.
A regular time in my house, I was browsing through my mails, One forwarded mail got my attention about applied wax on apple for preserving it for long duration.
That mail goes like this
Hi Friends,

this is a mail to inform you all that the wax coating on apple to preserve it for longer duration is very TRUE...one of my colleague has purchased an apple recently & just tried to check whether the wax coating was true & to her surprise it was true indeed. check the snaps that i took from my mobile.

the most surprising part is, it carries a sticker stating a number & 'product of US'...this mail is not to say anything against any country ,but to pass on the info that there are apples in the market which are coated with wax...so better Beaware!!!


When I turned aside, I saw similar Apple in our dinning table. So I decided to test the integrity of the fruit, to my surprise it was waxed surprised.

See the snaps take before using knife and after using it.

Apple bearing the label "Produce of the USA"

After I scratched with knife.

I took video also with my mobile, but I had taken it using one hand so it might not be so clear.

After taking video, fruit looked like this

But Usapple.org says
Waxes have been used on fruits and vegetables since the 1920s. They are all made from natural ingredients, and are certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be safe to eat

But why to have a risk, lets have indian apples. Looking through my window, that apple is sailing is way to the bin.


  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I have a friend who is a wholesaler for apples, he always says not to believe in the sticker labels. 95% of all the apples sold are all Indian with foreign labels. Except for a few which comes in a netted covering which is Fiji Apples. And when its Indian we never know what wax they use.


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