Survival of the fittest

Does this really meant for IT field ? Herbert Spencer phrased this one for the Principles of Biology but It does fit well of IT industry. IT industry is purely Knowledge based industry, you are hired for the skills and technical expertise, and when people are not updated with the latest trends of technical advancements then they are out of business. They were certain period when our parents used to work for the same company till their life time having same routine of work. But now its changed completely, people wont stay more than few years with the same company citing several reasons for the change, lack of technical exposure, compensation, work pressure and manager. Technical exposure is one of the main concern of many people, since it also plays the vital role in the competing in this sort of play if I'm not getting technical exposure over here and then in my next assignments I'll be bullied in my future assignments that's very much true. Compensation its the main reason everyone works for money, if I'm not payed well then I should look for change. It goes like this Knowledge acquired converted into work and work should be converted into money. If any of these conversions fails then we are sure into trouble. Work pressure its also due to either lack of technical expertise or incorrect estimations. There are several ways to override these situations of pressure. Manager, rolleyes there exists a common say most of the time people don't quit the company they quit the managers. ... to be continued