Installation of SharePoint 2010 in Client OS

I successfully installed SharePoint 2010 in my laptop. I was not a calk walk, had to really spend some time in trouble shooting some issues. Initially I had issue in finding the PID for the SharePoint 2010 beta. Later it struck in my mind and checked my live ID inbox and found that the PIDs have been mailed to me.

Another issue was with the pre requisite installations, it failed to install. Even after lot of binging also, not able to find the problem. Then I started installing those manually one by one. Then faced the error not able to create the configuration database while running the configuration wizard. So reinstalled the SQL 2008 express edition again. One main thing to be noted after these installation of prerequisite framework and KB hot fixes is to restart the machine.

One more issue which took lot of my time “Failed to create sample data”, quiet puzzled with these one since I have followed all the approaches mentioned in the forums and MVP blogs. Only one thing I had missed that running the below

start /w pkgmgr /iu:IIS-WebServerRole;IIS-WebServer;IIS-CommonHttpFeatures;

I had done that manually by by selecting the features in the IIS 7, so it was not that much effective rather than running the above script in the command prompt.

If you are trying to install SharePoint 2010 in client OS, never ever miss a single step mention in the article, Setting up the Development Environment for SharePoint Server. My installation successfully with the below site running in Port 80.