Raspberry Pi - Day 2 Boot up

Day 2 update on the Raspberry pi, I imaged the SD card with the Raspbian Wheezy Linux version. It was very straight forward approach, goto SD Card Setup and follow the instructions. 
So here goes my edition,
  1. Raspberry Pi (RPi)
  2. Micro USB charger to Power
  3. SD card - 8 Gb (Imaged with OS)
  4. Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with trackpad
  5. Internet via Ethernet Cable 
  6. HDMI cable to connect to TV or Monitor
I hooked up the micro USB cable to the board, and inserted the SD card in the slot. After that inserted the K400 keyboard's USB dongle and then connected the Ethernet cable and HDMI. There was no power on switch on the board. When the charger is connected to the power socket, the LEDs started glowing in the board and got the display in my HDMI connected TV in few seconds. The Keyboard was not detected on the first time, I had to reboot the pi again, to do that just pull the micro USB power cable and re-connect again to the pi board. This time the keyboard got detected successfully without any fuss. So I don't need a mouse, since K400 comes with the trackpad too. I have saved one USB slot on this. As its first time boot I had to configure few regional settings. After these initial steps booted successfully and showed the Raspbian OS prompt. Here is the pi got successfully booted with the OS. When prompted for login name and password, I used the default user name and password supplied with the Raspbian Wheezy version. Now its the time to start the desktop, so types "startx" command in the prompt. And Wow here came the desktop screen, a decent one for this cheap computer.

The Raspbian comes with the pre installed python games and with few apps like browser, so opened rjesh.com in the browser. The site opened without any issues and the performance is also not so bad. So here it goes $35 computer booted in few seconds and connects to the internet and can open my blog site.
I'm really impressed with this RPi, great work folks. So for any one if Akash is your cheap tablet, then RPi is your cheapest desktop. Its doesn't have boundaries and sky is your limit extending it with your ideas.

Next on page, is to install the OLXPlayer or any other player to play videos and music. My RPi days will continue.


  1. hi Rajesh, welcome to the RPi world, the olxplayer is already installed in the Raspbian, type olxplayer in the terminal and see.

  2. looks very simple RJesh...


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