Configuring Search suggestions in SharePoint 2013

This post is about configuring the search suggestions in the SharePoint 2013 environment, I would be using SharePoint 2013 preview for this post. It would be the similar configuration for the on-premise environment as well.


  • Go to SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365, in case of on-premise go to the Central Admin >> Manage Service Applications >> Search Service Application >> Manage
  • Go to Search administration
  • Click on the link, "Query Suggestion Settings", you'll be presented with the below settings page

  • Make sure the "Show search suggestions" option is checked
  • Next the select the language of suggestion, by default its English
  • Click on the "Export to text file" under the Always suggest phrases section
  • The above step will download a flat file, you can also create one instead of downloading a blank text file.
  • Add the phrases you would like to show in the search suggestions to the flat file.
  • Import the text file, that's it.
  • As I already mentioned, I used Office 365 SharePoint 2013 preview. I had to wait to overnight to get these changes reflected in the search suggestions.