The sandboxed code execution request was refused

I was setting up development VM for some SharePoint 2010 sandbox coding, everything went fine. I tried to activate my existing sandbox solution in one the site collection then I got the below error.
The sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code Host Service was too busy to handle the request.

Looking at the message, it seemed familiar so first thing I checked is whether the "SPUserCodeV4" service was running in the machine, it seem like having any issue. So did a restart but of no use. After some search found the below steps
  1. Find the Security Identifier (SID) for the service account.
  2. Use the powershell script below for that
  3. (Get-SPManagedAccount –Identity "DOMAINUserCodeServiceAccont").Sid.Value
  4. Update registry settings for WinTrust.
  5. Open the registry editor by and navigate toHKEY_USERS{SID you obtained earlier}SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/WinTrust/Trust Providers/Software Publishing
  6. Change value of “State” key to 0x00023e00.
  7. Restart Sandbox Service
  8. Perform IIS reset


  1. Hi Rajesh, thanks for this info. In dev machine, we can edit the registry entry. but what we will do , if it happens in production environment. we dont have permission to edit the registry right?

    1. It has to be done as part of setting up the environment along with creating the relevant service applications, if you have multiple WFEs then it has to be configured on all frond ends servers.


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