Modern site page with out fat banner

I'm vivid user of modern teams sites, modern pages and started strongly recommending our clients to use Office 365 groups and modern team sites. I was also looking for some options to reduce the header banner. I came across Mikael Svenson's nifty #SPFx header configurator WebPart to configure header size.
This approach uses the SharePoint framework and performs CSS injection to override the header size but this not a recommended approach, for more details read Mikael's dont' do it approach 😃 . Is there any alternative? whenever you provision the modern team site, you would have noticed that the default home page does not have the fat banner. So the workaround is, instead of creating the new modern site page go to the site pages library and make a copy of home.aspx and rename it as desired. This page does not show the page title, so you need to edit the page and add text webpart with the title. Hopefully, we expect Microsoft will provide more options to configure/extend the page elements.