Sticky posts in SharePoint Discussion boards

If you have used SharePoint discussion board in your team site, then you would have wondered that there is no option to make the post as sticky. By default SharePoint doesn't provide this facility, but it can be acheived easily with the out of box options available with the Discussion board list. After making this changes the discussion board will look like below. Step 1 Create a Column in the list

Goto the list settings and create column.

Name the column as "Sticky", and choose as checkbox (Yes/No). We are going to give the option to the owner of the post, while creating the post whether it should be set as sticky or not.

Step 2 Create a View for Sticky posts

Goto the settings page and create the view and name its as "Sticky", set is as public view

Another important thing in the Sticky view is changing the sort columns. First sort coumn should be "Sticky", that is the intention of having the sticky posts. Sticky posts should be always shown on the top and then followed by the Last updated posts. So set the "Then sort by column" to Last Updated column. as indicated below. Step 3 Selecting the Sticky view

Whereever we are showing the discussion board, that is the List View webpart. Click on modify share webpart menu and change the selected view to "Sticky" which we created in Step 2.

Now we have the Discussion board ready with the Sticky option.

All the posts which are marked as sticky will be shown on top always.


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  2. The sticky posts are highlighted (in bold or different color). Is it possible to highlight the sticky posts in a sharepoint discussion board ?

  3. Yes, we can do that using some jquery stuff and calculated column refer

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