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Get-PnPUnifiedGroup - Get all Office 365 Groups in tenant

Run the below script and enter tenant admin credentials when prompted. Here is the complete list of scope and permissions -

SharePoint Framework: error TS2339: Property items does not exist on type Readonly

When you encounter the below error, while using state object in react based webpart created by yeoman generator.

5 Reasons why you need to still use classic library experience

Here are my five points why I use the classic library experience even in a modern team site, or the site provisioned with office 365 groups.

Modern site page with out fat banner

I’m vivid user of modern teams sites, modern pages and started strongly recommending our clients to use Office 365 groups and modern team sites. I was also looking for some...

Post SharePoint updates to Microsoft Teams using Flow

In this post, we will look into how to post the SharePoint updates to Microsoft Teams using Flow. Currently, Flow works only on the Office 365 platform. For the SharePoint...

Dynamically Changing Content Search/Search Results WebPart's Query template

This is going to be a rather a small post, on how to change the query template for the content search webpart and Search results dynamically through javascript.